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Embracing Your Truths: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Connection, and Healing Through Sharing Your Life Story

February 20, 2023
How can you use your life story to help you in your self-discovery and personal development? We all have parts of ourselves that we've rejected hidden or forgotten pieces of ourselves to uncover internal caves, abandoned waiting for us to come along with a torch to shine a light, to look and listen to warm […]

Connection, continued: Oxytocin

February 13, 2023
In my last post, I wrote about how easy it can be to share a deep connection with someone, even a stranger, and why it's so crucial not just to my work but to all of our lives. We know it makes us feel good, but why exactly is it so important? Short answer: oxytocin. Oxytocin is […]

The Power of Connection

February 6, 2023
You might have noticed, I've harped on about Connection a lot lately in all of my newsletters and posts online. My obsession with connecting isn't new, I've always liked getting straight to the heart of things. I’m the person who strikes up conversations with strangers and makes a new friend every time I get on a train. So […]

A journey into your Energy

January 30, 2023
Your mental, emotional and physical energy. Imagine a large bathtub full of crystal-clear water. There are a few drains, where the water seeps out. Some are only little pinpricks, letting out small drops, but some are massive holes in the side of the bath, allowing the water to gush out at an alarming rate. The drains, the […]


November 18, 2022
Fatma is one of the best examples of a warrior I’ve ever seen. After a lifetime of micro-aggressions, discrimination, judgement and prejudice, what do you do? Do you give in to the anger, overwhelm, exhaustion, fear and sadness? Or do you become empowered? Perhaps all of the above. Finding that balance between the ability to […]

Bohemian Soul Beehive│New Stockist│Graz

April 5, 2022
Seddwell Centre, Graz Bohemian Soul Beehive is the lifestyle shop (recently expanded, bigger and better than before) which is a branch of the Base Verein. Last Friday, if you were looking for me, you would've found me in a blissed-out state at Base Verein in Graz, after a lovely lunch with some truly wonderful people, […]

New Stockist│UpTown Art│Graz

March 11, 2022
You can now find a selection of my prints, cards, postcards and cushions at a new art shop in Graz city centre: UpTown Art – KunstHandwerk. UpTown Art opened in Graz only last year as a shop, featuring a number of local artists and designers, while they had been running exhibitions and art installations in […]

Latest Commission | Cover Artwork for ‘Kenopsia’

February 28, 2022
I was really pleased to be commissioned by ~Nois Saxophone Quartet to do the cover artwork for the single they are releasing, 'Kenopsia' with Records to Burn record label. Kenopsia was composed by my sister, Finola Merivale. This is the first time we have ever worked together on a project, though many more are to […]

Grieskram | Art and Design Market

November 9, 2021
'Grieskram' - a festival of my local neighbourhood in Graz, Gries, held an art and design market at the Rossehlmuhlpark, on the 25th of September, 2021. I took part as one of the exhibiting artists as I am a member of Seddwell Centre, or Base Verein, which is also located in Gries but has members […]