Create Me Free Interview with Tamzin

I was recently asked to do an art and mental health interview for Create Me Free. Create Me Free is a Susbtack by Kathryn Vercillo, where she explores all aspects of the relationship between art and mental health. This is what Kathryn has to say about the publication:

Create Me Free is where I share all of my deep research into and musings about the complex relationship between art and mental health. While I touch on art as therapy and the benefits of creativity, I also look at the times when creativity exacerbates mental health symptoms. Moreover, I really dig into the ways that our mental health symptoms can impact our creative process, content, productivity, medium choice, self-perception, and reception by others.

I believe we are all artists with mental health experiences.

When I use the term “mental health” I sometimes mean things with a diagnosis and symptoms but more often I just mean something akin to “how the challenges of life are affecting our thoughts and experiences.”

And that, in turn, affects our creativity, which might mean the art that we make but creativity also manifests in our relationships, work, and way of engaging with the world.

On holding space and reflecting people’s energy back to themselves via Soul Signs, taking care of our mental health, and how health can impact creativity…

Art and mental health are intrinsically linked.

Art and Mental Health Interview with Tamzin

Kathryn’s questions included:

  1. In what ways (positive, negative, both) have health or mental health symptoms/challenges affected your creativity? 
  2. You have shared that you came to writing largely after being hospitalized for a health issue. What, if anything, would you like to share about your health journey? 
  3. What does “holding space” mean for you and what is your experience of how this helps people?

If you’d like to read my answers then go here to read the full interview about my experience with art and mental health.

Snippet from the interview about art and mental health:

Your Soul Portraits project is very powerful. How does portraiture help the people you work with on this project?

Thank you! When I began Soul Signs, I had no idea how powerful they would be. For those of you who don’t know, Soul Signs are essentially a portrait of your energy, of your impact, of the light you carry. To do this, I spend a lot of time with my clients, getting a sense of their story and of the energy they hold - all of the amazing things about themselves that they don’t see reflected in the mirror. I translate those feelings into a portrait, first by taking a photo of them and then illustrating on top of the image.  

The process before the portrait is transformational in itself. It’s a vital part of the experience. Being heard and sharing your story can be incredibly healing. When my clients tell me that the one-on-one sessions have had a positive impact on their lives, and that the portrait is just a bonus at that point, then I know I’ve done a good job.  

The portrait is powerful I think because it acts as a reminder - this is the dazzling truth of who you are, this is your magic, this is the light that others see in you (or that some people might refuse to see or acknowledge, which is just part of life, it doesn’t make you any less special). When you see that, nothing can hold you back. According to neuroscientists, images inspire action. A Soul Sign portrait is like a vision board of your light, your life-force, your potential. 

New here? Hi, I’m Tamzin, and I’m an intuitive artist, writer and creative mentor. I work predominantly with women (but not exclusively) to create unique Soul Sign Energy Portraits, in which I guide my clients through an immersive experience to help them to unearth their powerful selves, their incomparable light, their impact and their strength.

My writing gives readers tools and insights to release their struggles and live a life that feels expansive, free and aligned. My mission is to hold space for greater empathy and understanding, as these are the true enemies of prejudice and judgment.

If you would like to interview me on your podcast or publication, just get in touch.

If you would like to learn more about working together, you can learn more about my offers here.

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Create Me Free Interview with Tamzin