Andrea-become your own best friend
Soul portrait Andrea. Woman looking peaceful and calm with gentle energy hugging her.

Andrea | Soul Sign Portrait

Andrea's Soul Portrait

What is a Soul Portrait? A visual representation of your true essence, of your story, laid bare. A portrait of your magic, of your light, of your energy.

The kind of beauty that you might not see when you look in the mirror, but what people feel when they’re in your presence.

If you’d like to read about Andrea’s story and about how her perception of friendship changed her own life, you can read her story here.

Andrea’s Feedback on reading her story and her Soul Portrait:

“I want to say a huge thank you for this – for the whole experience. It really is something special ❤ I feel honoured to have been a part of it.

It felt a bit weird (weird like nice and new, a bit unexpected) to read something like this about myself. I know we talked about it (in many different ways and occasions) and everything is based on the things I´ve actually said. Nevertheless, it feels like I´m the queen of the world when you write it. In a good way. Like, I know all the things that I said (well, most of them) but when you put it together it sounds like magic. Thank you for listening and seeing me.”

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