about me 

I am a visual artist and designer from Ireland and I make collections of digital and hand-drawn artwork, as well as unique patterns and illustrations for a number of products and clients. 

The aim of my work is simple: to create beautiful and sustainable art and objects, for you, your loved ones and your home.

The inspiration for my work comes from a deeply personal exploration of, and search for, minimalism, style and elegance. Not only the aesthetic beauty one can find in architecture, fashion and nature, but the beauty that makes us human – love, connection, friendships, cultures and languages.

This search has taken me around the world, from Africa to West Asia, before I settled for four years in Florence, before moving to Austria in 2020.

From soaking up the ancient, exquisite architecture of Sana'a, to learning about goldsmithing, woodwork and leatherwork through my collaborations with artisans in Florence, all of these travels and diverse cultural experiences are reflected in my work.

My style is minimal and unique, each piece bringing a sense of calm and mindfulness to the observer.