about me 

Tamzin Merivale is an Irish artist and writer, on a mission to explore true, diverse stories, to hold space, and to guide people to transform their trauma through art.

Determined to become an advocate for overall well-being, loving relationships and sexual empowerment, Tamzin harnessed her qualifications, along with her intuition and creativity, to begin ‘Soul Signs’, which facilitate her clients in their quest to unearth their true, powerful selves, by using energetic portraiture to show them their incomparable light and life story. Her approach to this work is unique and transformational, allowing people to integrate their wounds and move forward in life with more confidence.

Tamzin is known for her unusual illustrations, which are calming and intriguing, and have been said to evoke feelings of perseverance, resilience and curiosity. Her visual art, often depicting energy and vibration, aims to provoke a reawakening in the viewer, an awareness of their own inner strength. Her inspiration comes from a personal exploration of the links that bond us all: friendship, culture, communication and love.

This search led Tamzin to study International Development and, after graduating with a BSc, she worked briefly with NGOs in Central Africa and the Middle East, before she settled for four years in Florence, Italy. There, she co-managed a Design Gallery and created her first collections in art and design.

In 2020, she moved to Graz, Austria, where she began her career as a full-time artist. This was not a straightforward journey as, in 2021, she spent eight weeks in hospital following a health crisis. While difficult, this was a necessary step on the road back to her true passion: connection and empowerment.

In hospital, she also began to write. Now, her popular newsletter gives readers tools and insights to release their struggles and live a life that feels expansive, free and aligned.

Her favourite past times are connecting with people, exploring new places, reading with her cat on her lap, dancing, and being by, or in, the ocean.