The Break Fellowship

New here? Hi, I’m Tamzin, and I’m an intuitive artist, writer and creative mentor. I work predominantly with women (but not exclusively) to create unique Soul Sign Energy Portraits, in which I guide my clients through an immersive experience to help them to unearth their powerful selves, their incomparable light, their impact and their strength. It’s like a vision board of your true self, of your dazzling energy.

This year, I was selected to take part in The Break Fellowship, a journey that was aimed at building an international network of 1000 women entrepreneurs. For my cohort, 3000 women applied to the programme, but only 300 were selected to take part. The fellowship involved business mentoring and a 27-day work retreat in Spain. I wrote on my newsletter about the experience of living in a house with thirteen other women for an entire month, and you can find that article here.

When I returned, I was also asked by Image Premium Business Club Membership to write about the experience for their members. You can find that in-depth article about the break fellowship overall experience here.

“When Tamzin Merivale was selected for an EU Fellowship aimed at building an international network of female entrepreneurs, she didn’t expect to find herself standing on the edge of a pool in Spain listening to 13 women – all in the water and all fully clothed – chanting her name. This is how she got to the 27-day work retreat and what she experienced on the way…”

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