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A few weeks ago, Gill Moakes, phenomenal business coach and podcast host, invited me to be a guest on her podcast, Heads Together. It was such a pleasure to chat to her.

Tamzin Merivale Appearance on the Heads Together Podcast

As you know, one of the main reasons I began this line of work was because I wanted to connect with more people, especially women, to truly listen and hold space for them.

Appearing on podcasts is one of my all-time favourite things to do, as it also provides that same chance for deep connection — not only between me and the host, but with listeners too. You can learn more about Gill, about Heads Together, if you head over here, where you can also have a listen to our conversation. We chatted about how to see your own light, about…

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Here is some of the feedback I’ve received from listeners of the Heads Together Podcast:

“I just listened to this episode. I was glued to Tamzin’s voice, the way she engaged and explained her work and the impact on personal development and how to uncover our own stories. There were so many interesting anecdotes, which were really inspiring. I finally understood this idea of storytelling, the journey of figuring out which stories to tell, and how we all have something powerful to share. Thank you so much for sharing.”

“Just finished listening to this interview. Lucid, luminous and extraordinary. I’m blown away by the insights, Tamzin has so much wisdom to share.”

“Tamzin is so eloquent and articulate, this episode was a joy to listen to.”

“I have followed Tamzin’s work for a while, and I just love how she always has something different and unusual to share. She really offers an interesting point of view.”

Thanks everyone for so much really lovely feedback!

I also wanted to share with you some lovely feedback I received from a client after taking her through the process of Soul Signs, though I have yet to finish her portrait.

“What can I say. You have a touch for listening and allowing people to really feel heard and seen. For me, it felt so effortless to chat with you about my story, without having to explain myself or how I think (often my viewpoint can be seen as too ‘alternative’ or ‘spiritual’). You just got it. It was deeply validating to have my story heard, and to be seen for who I truly am. But that validation didn’t feel like a need I was looking to fulfil any more.”

If you are interested in beginning the process of uncovering your own life story in order to Resurface, don’t hesitate to get in touch to chat about working together — I have a number of options available.

I absolutely love doing this work, I can’t even tell you. So my goal is to provide it for as many people as possible. Therefore, I always do my best to make it accessible, no matter your situation. I have discounts and payment plans available for those who need them.

If you’re interested in connecting and working together on a specific block or emotion, I have a few different offers available to help you let it go and resurface.

When you work with me to do a Soul Sign Portrait, you receive a symbolic artwork that represents the whole of you, your powerful energy, your light and your magic. Working together will encompass so much more than that.

If you are interested in collaborating, get in touch here.

New here? Ciao! I’m Tamzin, and I’m so glad you found me. I’m an artist, a writer and a mentor. You can learn more about me by heading to this section of my website, or if you’d like to receive my weekly newsletter you can sign up here.

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