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What if you could open up about everything?

What if you could, just once, let out all of your secrets? Your shadows? Finally be able to unblock the things that hold you back?

In 2022, I began to receive requests to write up life stories for people.

I found that it had such a profound impact that I decided to provide this as a service to my clients.

I am passionate about writing and sharing everyday stories because it increases our connection to one another, it fosters community, it prevents us from judging the “other” so easily.

It allows us to learn so much.

Learning from each other and withholding judgement is so vital in our world today.

Photograph of Tamzin's hands writing and drawing. Tell your story and resurface



Did you ever wish that you could tell your story? To let go of some things that you’ve buried deep down, and resurface?

There are parts of ourselves that we’d rather never visit. Parts that hurt to go to.

Parts of our story that we avoid, that make us cringe.

Memories that we’d like to forget. And parts of our personality that we try to hide, because we think they’re shameful.

All of that holds us back, it blocks us and prevents us from moving forward.

But if we feel safe enough to take a journey there, we can heal so much. If we face the things we’d rather avoid, we can release it, and in doing so, ensure it no longer holds us back. I can accompany you on that journey.

It might not be easy, you’ll probably have to move through a lot of resistance at first, but I promise you, it will be worth it.

Once you get there, it won’t be as scary as you had imagined. Likely, you’ll find some magic hidden there; a lesson, a side of yourself you weren’t aware of, or some clarity you didn’t know you needed.

You’ll come back feeling lighter, and so much stronger with the knowledge that you can visit those places buried deep inside, and make it back in one piece.

A big part of working with me involves visiting those places we’ve kept hidden, and it can feel like trudging up dirt at first.

If feel like you’re stuck in the sludge at the bottom of the sea, I promise that when you wade through it, you can find a way to cut the weights loose that were pinning you down, and float dreamily up to the light.

To resurface.

Or maybe, you just have a beautiful story that you’d like to share with the world, but you don’t know how to write it. That’s where I can help.

Resurface – Tell Your Story – The process:

  • Three sessions with me of one hour each, or two session of 1.5hrs, which can be held in person or via zoom.
  • You receive roughly 1000 words written up about you, about your life, or about a specific story or secret you wanted to share and explore.
  • If you want that story to be public, I will share it on my Substack and on Instagram. This can be anonymous or with your name attached. It can also include a photo of you if you wish. Nothing gets published without your consent.
  • The written piece can also be used for your website, marketing material etc.

Payment plans are available – I want this to be as accessible as possible so get in touch.

Everyone wants to have their story told. Everyone wants the chance to be heard.

Feedback for Resurface – Tell Your Story:

“I was really nervous to sit with someone and recount my whole life story, but Tamzin provided such a safe space and I felt like I could say everything without any judgement from her. That felt liberating, and reading back what she wrote about me was emotional and empowering.”

“Tamzin is like Google Translate for the soul. Working with her was transformational.”

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