Soul Signs│Energetic Portraiture

Soul Signs are a form of Energetic Portraiture.

I want to show you your light. I want to show you the impact you have on the people you encounter.

I want to show you that while there are always shadows, darkness, and painful experiences stitched into the folds of your skin, of everyone’s skin,

they are nothing, not in comparison to the potent energy you hold

they are nothing, not in comparison to the magic you project out to the world

and they don’t have to hold you back

they’re simply part of the whole picture of who you are, of your life

and in that picture, there’s so much more…

Beyond pain.

Beyond suffering.

Beyond stories.

Beyond trauma.

There, lies your essence.

*Pricing available upon request. Get in touch here.

Onesta's face with sunshine illustrated around her soul sign energy portrait


You can look at your Soul Sign portrait every day and be reminded of your strength, of your power, of the shadows and the light that have made you who you are.

Of your ability to overcome any obstacle, challenge, or loss, because the portrait is a visual representation of the unshakeable force you truly are.

And we all need to be reminded of that sometimes.

I’ve always been a sponge, able to read people’s energetic or emotional map. I see it visually and sense it viscerally, and that used to drain me.

Until I realised that I could harness this gift, and use art and writing to help you to transform your stories into something unique and life-changing.

Click here to see the beautiful reaction when one Soul Sign recipient saw her portrait for the first time.

Soul Signs – The process:

  • Four sessions with me of one hour each, which can be held in person or via zoom.
  • These session with include a photo-shoot, which will be the base canvas for your portrait.
  • High-quality Fine Art Print of your portrait of 50cm*65cm or larger available on-request.

Payment plans are available – I want this to be as accessible as possible so get in touch.

Soul Signs are best done in-person. That means, that for now, they are only available at this price point in Graz, Austria, or keep an eye on where in the world I will be to make it possible!

Options are also available for me to travel to you are to do your Soul Sign portrait. This is an even more immersive experience. Get in touch here if you are interested in this option.

Feedback for Soul Signs:

“I can see my Mom and my Grandmother reflected back at me, I had no idea that I hold the same energy that they do. I can see a connection to all of my ancestors I never realised was there. I feel so empowered by this portrait, I’m going to look at it every day to remind myself of how strong I am.”

“Once I showed my portrait to my family, without even telling them what it was, they understood immediately. They told me they could see my light and my energy. They said it evoked some intensity, a power all around me. They all asked me how Tamzin managed so well to understand me in just a few sessions, and how she managed to depict it visually. Now, they all want their own!”

“So many of my friends have reached out to me and told me how much they love how you captured me – they said that that is how they see me, how they know me. I would never have imagined that, as I can hardly see it in myself! My husband couldn’t stop smiling when he saw it.”

“Tamzin is like Google Translate for the soul. Working with her was transformational.”

Additional Info

Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 50 cm
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