Wanderers Art work black figure of woman with arms out in celebration, grey semicircle going from one hand to the other
black minimal drawing of yoga pose, crab pose, with blue designed circle in top left corner
Wanderers Art work - Black figure simple drawing crouched down, fingers reaching into the water, with pink stars. minimal illustration
two black figures meditating facing each other, encompassed with a grey circle and some pink fluid lines
Wanderers Artwork Black figure with arms up in celebration, with a pink moon in the sky. Minimal artwork


Exploring Emotions

This collection is a celebration of feeling. My intention in creating these illustrations is that they will work as a visual reminder to invite more of these positive emotions into our everyday lives, to embrace and appreciate them when they come along.

I believe it is especially important for women to remember that we deserve to feel good. Yes, we should feel empowered and invigorated. We need to allow ourselves time to rest and connect, to heal. We can hit the pause button to have moments of wonder and time to dream. And when we do, we can have such a powerful impact that it will change the world for the better.

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