Temple Journey Programme Warrior. Illustration of strong woman with green robe and spear, sun symbol behind her
Temple Journey Priestess. Red background with divine priestess illustration, red roses and yellow symbols behind her
Temple Journey Goddess. Illustration of woman on her knees, with a halo and long hair, shells around her, embodying abundance, the ocean, divine femininity.
Temple Journey Ascension. grey background, pillar of light coming down with woman in the centre, with a dragon's egg on her hand, standing on the flower of life.
Yellow background. Woman standing on a cube and cubes going up from her hands, gold glittery wings, symbols of the sun on her body

Temple Journey│Commission for Natalia Komis

A collection of illustrations to represent each of the Temples inside the Temple Journey Programme

Temple Journey

Natalia Komis is a spiritual business mentor, elemental healer, coach and entrepreneur. One of her offerings is called the Temple Journey, a 12-week programme for women to reconnect them to their divine feminine energy for healing, power and abundance.

Natalia asked me to create five illustrations to represent certain parts of the Temple Journey, that would communicate the specific energies and archetypes of the temples, and include subtle symbols and hidden meanings that only those who have completed the programme will recognize.

For example, the first illustration is of the Warrior. She is connected to the Earth, with strong and secure foundations. She embodies powerful, nurturing energy to help you know what you’re fighting for.

The second piece is the Priestess, she is connected to the element of fire, and to masculine energy. She helps you remember your passions and desires, and to let go of fear in order to move forward, taking aligned action.

The third illustration is of the Goddess, overflowing with abundance and beautiful femininity. She is connected to the water element, the oceans, and she helps us to heal relationships, to create a deeper connection to our intuition and wisdom.

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