Smoke line drawing black artwork with small white circle in the centre with minimal white lines flowing from the top and bottom of the page to the circle
black and white line drawing art print, minimal design, simple flowing black lines at the top of the page
black and white line drawing art print white circle in the centre with black lines flowing out from it
black line art print on white, sun drawing
black and white mosaic line artwork art print
line drawing
black and red drawing in frame, white circle in centre with red and black flowing lines coming out from the circle to the edge of the page. Unusual art print
black and pink line drawing sun art print
Black and white line drawing, flames art print
Black and white art print unusual line drawing down the centre


Flowing lines

'Smoke', a collection of unusual line drawings, which I began in late 2019 and kept adding to up until 2021, as the subject matter continued to motivate me and beg to be explored.

I began this collection based on two natural elements; fire and water. The smoke from a fire, or the flames themselves, move in similar flowing patterns to rivers and waterfalls. Watching them is captivating, and is one of my favourite ways to pause and be mindful. I hoped to capture the mesmerizing flow of smoke, fire, and water in these minimal but evocative pieces.

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