black and white portrait photograph of a woman, showing her head, shoulders and arms around her, with a red triangle drawing on top
photography and art portrait photograph of neck and shoulder of a woman, in black and white, with white circles drawn on
Photography and art.Blurry black and white portrait photograph of woman, with red triangle illustration on top
black and white portrait photo of woman's face resting on her hands with white circle drawing


Drawing on photos

When a photograph is already perfect, why add to it?

The answer is; because I simply couldn't help it. I found these self-portraits by Brazilian photographer, Flávia Renó, so beautiful and moving that I had to work with them and see if I could add to them in any way.

I've always loved the mix of photography and art. Drawing on a photo instead of on a blank canvas, using the forms and shadows that are already there, was a challenging experiment that stretched my imagination. I wanted to keep my part as minimal as possible, to enhance the photos and not take away from them.

With thanks to Flávia Renó for her stunning photos and for this collaboration. To learn more about her, click here.

I am always excited to collaborate with photographers, so if you are interested in working on a project where we bring together photography and art, please don't hesitate to get in touch here.

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