Ocean Patterns Green and navy blue wavey pattern
Soft light blue pattern on dark background
mint green, rich blue black and grey wave pattern
Two cushions with wavey green and dark blue pattern on black background
Bed with jewel green bedspread and two light blue cushions
Magenta cushion with soft pattern on grey couch and dappled sunlight
Light blue soft pattern on left side of artwork, with dark background
Soft magenta pink and wine coloured pattern on white background
Dark pink soft pattern
Pink purple grey and dark red wave pattern on white
Blue and green wave pattern art cushion
Image of cushion on a wooden bench, pink and purple textile pattern in wavey shapes on cushion

Ocean Patterns

Light reflections on the ocean floor

These ocean patterns are the result of long days spent floating in the sea. Since I was a child, spending time in water has been my all-time favourite thing to do.

I like to float on the surface of the sea, and take bad photos of the rocky or sandy floors with my phone. This collection is my interpretation of the shapes that the sunlight forms under the waves. The undulating patterns as far as the eye can see, how quickly the shapes change, how enchanting it is to watch for hours on end.

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