Illustration of a crescent moon on a midnight blue sky
White moon on a red sky illustration
Moon phases illustration - full moon, half moon and crescent moon on a red/purple sky
Moon phases illustration - full moon, half moon and crescent moon on a dark blue sky
illustration of the different moon Phases Twilight sky poster print
Portal Pink Moon Illustration - two crescent moons overlapping on a pink background

Moon Phases

For all of the moon-gazers out there

This is a collection of illustrations based on the moon phases.

Most of us spend hours gazing at the moon and we don’t really know why we do this, we just know that we feel something when we do.

I am no exception. The beauty of this little rock in the sky, reflecting the light of the sun and sometimes sitting exactly on the trajectory of the Earth, is fascinating and beautiful and magical in equal measure. I especially love to feel this connection anytime I swim in the sea, if I feel the gentle pull of the tide in or out, I am feeling the gravitational tug of the moon.

The meanings of the moon phases and how we can use the energy has become much more present in popular culture in recent years, which is no accident. We are all learning to slow down, to live in a more cyclical nature, and essentially to return to our roots of what it once meant to be human, and using the energy of the moon to help with that. Whether it really works, or not, I have to admit is really of no interest to me. Whatever helps us to feel connected, grounded, and in anyway in tune with nature I believe is worth pursuing.

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