Santo Spirito Florence Firenze Artwork black and white and grey Brunelleschi
Santa Croce Florence art poster print in black and white Firenze
Duomo Florence Firenze Poster Print Artwork
Santo Spirito Florence Art Print in red and yellow
Santa Croce Florence Art poster print in red and yellow


Florence Artwork - Architecture

For nearly four years, my home was Florence, the beating heart of stunning architecture and art, famous worldwide for being the home of the Renaissance.

Like anyone who has the privilege of visiting or living in Florence, I was moved on a daily basis by the beauty, the grandeur, and the mystery locked inside the walls of the ancient buildings. You would think that living there, the wonder would diminish over the years, but it doesn’t. I didn’t meet a single resident of the city who doesn’t pause to admire the duomo, even if they pass it every day, or marvel at the sunset over the Ponte Vecchio.

To create this collection I began with the drawing of Brunelleschi’s Santo Spirito, as that was my home and the simplicity of the unfinished facade is my personal favourite of the city.

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