Energy Healing Artwork. Empowered Woman doing Mountain Pose. Illustration shows woman doing a mountain pose with lines drawn around her like flames, representing energy. Quote reads, 'The beauty of your existence cannot be measured by an algorithm.'
Illustration of a woman in dark purple, sitting cross legged with her hands over her heart space and womb space, wearing a Goddess crown, and a quote underneath reading, 'It is time to acknowledge just how powerful you truly are.'
energy healing artwork. divine energy
Illustration of woman sitting cross legged, arms out to the side, two dark red circles balancing above her hands, reading 'letting go' or 'holding on'. Divine feminine Energy
Representing feminine strength. Illustration of woman doing warrior 1 yoga pose, with lines drawn around her in reds and yellows to represent powerful energy. Quote reads, 'Whisper to yourself, I am strong,' By Adriene Mishler.
Energy Healing Artwork


Illustrations of the energy and vibrations that surround us and live inside us

Energy Healing Art

I can’t see your energy, but I can feel it. My reiki teacher once told me that our energy is silent, spacious, and strong.

It enters a room before we do, and lingers there after we leave. We are never aware of the profound impact it has on others, the impact we can have on others.

In this collection of illustrations of womxn, I wanted to give a visual representation of how I imagine our energy. A kind of light that can surround us, that can come up from the earth to ground us or down from above to connect us more deeply to ourselves and to each other. The love and support we give and receive, simply by being and channelling our own unique vibration. The more we connect with it, the more we can hear and trust our intuition.

Listen to what your energy has to say. When you honour it, incredible things can happen⁠.

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