Category: Creativity


March 6, 2023
At an event last week, I overheard a friend describing me to someone as a swordfish, to say that I stand out from a crowd. Obviously, at first I assumed they were talking about someone else 😂 But later I reflected on the term. Swordfish. I realised how accurate it is in regard to the […]

A day in the life of this particular artist

March 18, 2022
I've been asked a lot recently what it's like to be an artist. People often seem confused about what I actually do, how I structure my days and what my work really consists of. I think I resisted calling myself an artist for so long because there are so many misconceptions out there. What people […]

How and where to find inspiration

March 14, 2022
Where to find inspiration for art seems almost like a stupid question, as I have moments when I can't put down my pen.⁠⁠When pausing to eat or sleep feels like an unnecessary waste of time.⁠⁠When I can create maybe 10 new pieces in the space of a few hours.⁠⁠When I'm so overflowing with ideas that […]