Embracing Your Truths: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Connection, and Healing Through Sharing Your Life Story

How can you use your life story to help you in your self-discovery and personal development?

We all have parts of ourselves that we've rejected


or forgotten

pieces of ourselves to uncover

internal caves, abandoned

waiting for us to come along with a torch

to shine a light,

to look

and listen

to warm up the cavern with our with our presence and our attention.

Paying attention is all it takes.

(This was a caption I wrote for a post on Instagram)

Life stories play a huge role in my work. I have found that helping clients to uncover their own stories, secrets, and unearthing layers held deep within them can be hugely transformational and can really make a difference to their own self-discovery.

One of my clients described it as opening a window into some parts of herself that she hadn’t realised were tightly shut.
I once took a course in Trauma Release, specifically in methods to help others release their traumas. I learnt that one of the most essential steps in letting go of trauma is simply to tell someone about it, to be heard and listened to. Even if the person listening doesn’t understand the language you speak, already lessens the burden.

Essentially, just being heard makes a difference.
I’m not saying that we can heal as simply as that, of course not, but sharing our stories in a safe space does have a positive effect. And we already know this - we’ve all sat with someone, listened and absorbed, and seen them look lighter afterwards.

But how often do we take the time to really listen to someone's story?
How often do we give people a non-judgemental space to be their whole, messy selves, with all of their beliefs and values, and simply acknowledge them, bear witness to their life unfolding, to their moments of grief and joy?
Humans are social beings, but we’ve become more isolated in recent years. Even if we don’t feel lonely, society can be so harsh that we don’t necessarily feel like we can truly be ourselves, or be honest about our beliefs and feelings, for fear of judgement. Never mind the fact that we may not be accepted simply because of who we are/where we’re from/what we look like.
But no matter how different we are or how diverse our experiences, I truly believe that if we take the time to pause and listen to each others’ stories without judgement, we can understand and truly feel what the ‘other’ has been through, and we can learn from it.
I’d like to believe that anyone can actually relate to someone else’s experience if they try hard enough. And the more we do that, the more understanding and connection there will be in the world, and therefore more healing and movement towards the kind of society I know we’d all wish to live in.

The journey of self-discovery is not always easy, which is why you don't have to go on it alone. It will lead to so much more joy and pleasure in your life, to more acceptance and deeper connection to yourself and others.

And so, part of my work (especially Soul Signs) became this simple act of providing space, sharing and connecting, listening, so that we can sift through the rubble of your life and find the hidden gems, the beauty and the lessons that are hidden beneath your skin. I also host workshops and circles for anyone who is subscribed to my newsletter, which you can find here. These spaces help you on your journey of self-discovery, healing and integrating.

The body is a map, each memory and experience stored somewhere, waiting to be released.
Through writing up your stories, I also hope to reflect back to you some of the wisdom you’ve gained, or share the stories and secrets you wish to be shared (anonymously or otherwise, that choice lies with you).

Divulging our struggles isn’t always easy, but it does mean that you’ll no longer have to carry them alone.

I’m here for that, we’re all here for that.

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