New Cushions in Stock

I am so glad to announce that I finally have new cushions in stock.

It took some time to get to this point and the new collection is finally here. 

I found a lovely textile printing studio in Donegal, Ireland. They print the patterns with eco-friendly inks onto 100% cotton. The inks are not only environmentally friendly, but also don't irritate the skin. 

It also took a lot of research to find the cushion inserts. It is very easy to find affordable polyester cushion inserts, but I really wanted to avoid polyester as it is made from fossil fuels, it sheds toxic microfibres, and it is not easy to recycle. 

So I decided to get cushions with down feathers and I found a producer based in Europe who are certified by the Responsible Down Standard (no live-plucking). 

I have made a combination of bold geometric designs with bright colours and some more gentle designs, with a slightly muted colour palette. All designs were inspired by old sketches I have done over the couple of years, and focusing on colours that bring me joy. 

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New Cushions in Stock
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