A journey into your Energy

Your mental, emotional and physical energy.

Imagine a large bathtub full of crystal-clear water.
There are a few drains, where the water seeps out. Some are only little pinpricks, letting out small drops, but some are massive holes in the side of the bath, allowing the water to gush out at an alarming rate.
The drains, the pinpricks, we all have them. Work, relationships, life, they’re all normal things that our energy flows into. We have to be careful to retain as much water as possible, and to replenish the tub before it runs too low.
But the bigger punctures? Those are much harder to put a plug in. They are the mental and physical blocks. They are our past traumas and the parts of our story that we’ve yet to heal or face. They are the secrets we don’t want to tell, or shadow aspects of ourselves, of our personalities, that we hope nobody sees.
A gash in the bathtub could be that relationship that left you broken, it could be the toxic friendship or the family dynamic that sucks the water out like a vampire. Or, it could even be something you’re not consciously aware of yet.
I'm now working with women to help them put a plug in that drain, to patch it up. You can find out more about these unique projects here, or if you're just curious about mentoring sessions with me, get in touch here.

‘Where our attention goes, energy flows.’

I did this work for myself, not so long ago. I realised just how many people and things were draining me, and how much I allowed it to happen. Some of it I was aware of, and others were so ingrained that it took a lot of work to break the pattern.
But when I put that stopper in, that energy came back to me with a surge. Better and brighter things unfolded in my life, at speed. Everything started to align, and now I can focus my energy on where I actually want to spend it. No doubt, I still have more layers to uncover and energy leaks to patch up - it takes ongoing work.
Once you call your energy home to yourself, once you re-frame the parts of your story that drag you down, you can’t imagine the transformation possible.
If you’re curious to know more, get in touch. This work is only available to a select few.

I look forward to accompanying you on a journey into your energy, into deep waters and self-reflection.

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