At an event last week, I overheard a friend describing me to someone as a swordfish, to say that I stand out from a crowd. Obviously, at first I assumed they were talking about someone else 😂

But later I reflected on the term. Swordfish. I realised how accurate it is in regard to the work I do now - which you can find here.

Swordfish move swiftly into deep, emotional waters. They pierce through the rubbish and get straight to the heart of things. To your heart, to form an instant soul connection.

When I looked up swordfish and their symbolism, I learnt:

  • Their vision is extremely good. They have captivating eyes and see right through you - fisherman say that if one locks eyes with you, it will be impossible to harm it.
  • Their see so clearly due to a special organ that makes their eyes warmer.
  • They can also heat up the water around them, making it easy to adapt to any environment they find themselves in. I like to think that I adjust well every time I move country, but I know for sure that I have the ability to make others feel comfortable and safe in difficult situations.
  • Swordfish are loners, not schooling fish, they keep their distance and observe from afar.
  • They are among the fastest fish in the ocean, they move very swiftly when they know where they're going.
  • They are not aggressive, but when they’re under threat, they become powerful fighters and have been known to run their sword into boats.
  • They symbolize bravery, change, sexuality, warrior energy, the ability to take fast and accurate action, and the power of language and communication to heal.

I love all of these, and if I can be, then I'd love to be your swordfish.

If you're interested in connecting and working together on a specific block or emotion, I have a few different offers available to help you let it go and resurface.

When you work with me to do a Soul Sign Portrait, you receive a symbolic artwork that represents the whole of you, your powerful energy, your light and your magic. Working together will encompass so much more than that.

I always do my best to make my work accessible no matter what position you're in, so please get in touch if you're not sure how to make it work. I have discounts and payment plans available for those who need them.

If you are interested in working together, get in touch here.

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